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Datafiches in ScheldeMonitor

The MONEOS Monitoring Program is an important contributor to the data collection of ScheldeMonitor. Data and metadata from monitoring are described and thematically divided into a collection of datafiches. The Datafiches app is an app that let visualizes the collection of fiches, and makes them interactive with real-time information. The app was created for ScheldeMonitor by the Flanders Marine Institute.
Data for this application is retrieved directly from ScheldeMonitor's databases, through a webservice URL from the ScheldeMonitor's toolbox. In this way, data in the app is completely up-to-date and shows the most recent information available.


The MONEOS program is described in data sheets and are divided into different themes. The information is updated by the data providers on a regular basis. The name of each data sheet provides more information about the monitoring.

  • O = monitoring in Research areas
  • S = System monitoring
  • P = Project monitoring
  • NL = Dutch monitoring
  • VL = Flemish monitoring


From the left navigation you'll be able to choose which sort of information about the data you want to see:

  • Detail fiche: provides information about the data sheet itself, as well as links to publications related to the selected data sheet. In this tab the user can filter data through:
  1. Selecting a date: to see how the data looked in a specific date
  2. Selecting a category: to select between 6 categories
  3. Selecting a datafiche: select a datafiche for the selected category
  • Data series: provides information for a specific parameter, shows data downloaded directly from the toolbox. The app will remember the information selected in the previous tab, so the user can filter the data furtherjust by selecting a parameter for the datafiche selected. The user will get:
  1. Data information: information of the current data available fot that parameter by station.
  2. Series info: extra information about the serie
  3. Method: methodology for the selected parameter

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