The Species Occurrences is an app that let you visualize thefish species ocurrences in the Schelde Estuary.
The app was created for ScheldeMonitor by the Flanders Marine Institute.
Data for this application is retrieved directly from ScheldeMonitor's databases, through a webservice URL from the ScheldeMonitor's toolbox.
In this way, data in the app is completely up-to-date and shows the most recent information available.


The visualized data is made available by ScheldeMonitor under a CC-BY license (More info). Please reference data and products as:

ScheldeMonitor Team; VNSC Werkgroep Onderzoek & Monitoring (2020). Data downloaded from ScheldeMonitor:
a data portal with information, data and products on the Scheldt Estuary. Accessed at (insert date) through the data analysis platform.

Plots, maps and charts.

All plots, maps and tables in this application are interactive. The visualized parameter, the number of stations, the time range and the distance to Vlissingen can be adjusted by using the sliders in the left menu.

For a quick walkthrough have a look at the video below.

Data availability

Fish data comes from the INBO database. This includes the monitoring of volunteers, the data collected for the Water Framework Directive and trap data. This data is not uniformly interpretable, as each type of data has its own parameters that cannot be compared. An indication can only be given regarding the presence or absence of species. The data was initially supplied in Excel files, and was imported into our toolbox, after which this data is made available via the data explorer.

For some parameters in this application, a quality control of the data is taking place, so the data is temporarily unavailable. We will try to have the data ready as soon as we can.

If you have any question you can contact data@vliz.be

Interactive apps in ScheldeMonitor

These applications are created and maintained by VLIZ, using R and RShiny programming. Visitors can use the apps to interactively create graphs and figures about nutrients, water levels, wave levels and species distribution in the Scheldt estuary. The apps are momentarily only available in dutch, but will receive an english version in 2023.

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Data shown in the table correspond to the mean value of the parameter per year and station, to download the raw data, please do so at the ScheldeMonitor's toolbox